• I dropped the design school
  • I use nagash for so long that people forgot my real name
  • I work from my home, but sometimes I do it from space
  • Sao Paulo, where I live, is one of the most noisy and chaotic metropolis of the world
  • I like anagrams
  • I can't code
  • I listen to bands
    that don't even exist
  • I'm a nintendo fanboy
  • I have visible tattoo
  • I dress on boring black clothes
  • I have a pet snake named seraphim in my office


  • I learn things by myself
  • I forgot my real name
  • Space is an interactive media agency, a place in earth.
  • I'm not up do date on the outside world. but sometimes, I do notice the mess in the kitchen sink
  • Irk meals again
  • I focus on just a dozen things
  • I'm musically eclectic
  • I grew up on a green fungi diet and today I have 1up
  • my mind produces ink
  • I absorb all energy from light to gain the power of gods
  • I Bite when I smell a rat