photo works

reveillon on chateau

december 31 2006

some pictures of the chateau on the reveillon of 2006. long exposure in almost total darkness - I got the light halo thanks to a distant street post. these photos the first ones I made with my own DSLR camera, a Sony Alpha 100. you can see more recent ones in my Flickr page

recoleta cemetery

february 29 2006

more improvised HDR experiments, taken with a Canon DSLR camera on the cemetery of Buenos Aires


february 29 2006

overexposed pictures from my former apartment in Sao Paulo

omalley's hdr

august 10 2006

in my first experiment with HDR photography I shed some light into O'Malleys, a very dark Irish pub in São Paulo. pictures were taken without a tripod so I had to realign them by hand, what really suck.


october 10 2005

pictures from many live shows from 2004 to 2006 coverage for Carcasse web magazine

rayes sevilha & buranello

july 07 2005

photos from the law office to be used in their website and print folders


november 19 2005

photos and website for the brief lived HalloKittens. persian cats are adorable creatures, but there's no way to live with many of them if you dress on black clothes. in less than a year I already had fur in my thoughts, it was cease and desist. btw, my kittens photos are here.

madamesher corsets

november 19 2005

website and photography for the brazilian corsetmaker Madame Sher. she happens to me my wife, by the way. the product catalog was build over a completely hacked wordpress instance.

mancebo cafe

may 05 2005

that was a very quick job. I took pictures of the place, and most of the bizarre goods that they have – it is a mix of bar and antiquary. we created a gallery of weirdness and I also placed some objects all over the site. in the next day, the site was done.