print works

spacekids galaxy guide

january 25 2007

print guide showcasing features and information about the Alpha version of SpaceKids

show de gastronomia

january 15 2006

image for the Space stand on the gastronomy show inside Equipotel Fair 2006, promoting both SuaReceita and SeuRestaurante websites

camarote A1

january 15 2006

design and print material for newspapers, magazines, subway ADs, outdoors, flyers and even plotted taxis.
the product on question was a VIP area for 2006's Carnival and, btw, it didn't even happened :\

mobile services outdoors

august 12 2006

some outdoors and subway ADs for a new service from Banco24Horas, aimed to users of TIm and VIVO mobile carriers


august 12 2006

images created for a display of the broadband provider Speedy


august 12 2006

print material for MadameSher include flyers, business cards, corset boxes, invitations and folders

projeto luxuria

august 12 2006

luxuria is a fetish party based on dresscode. the way you dress defines if you can get in and how much you'll pay. I started the project together with Sher and Heitor Werneck, as the resident DJ. I also created the visual identity, flyers and the website. after a few editions I had to quit, and now Heitor keep the show running.


february 13 2005

cover design for the book Voivode - Estudos sobre os Vampiros compilled by Cid Vale Ferreira and released in partnership between Carcasse and Pandemonium Press

spectrus tv studio

october 10 2000

some vynil posters to decorate a TV studio. they were creating video content for the web back in 1999, what's remarkable.