video works


april 01 2008

several abstract experiments in HD using procedural and fractal graphics.
you can watch then in my vimeo page.

páscoa na montanha

march 03 2007

video introducing characters for an easter touristic program for the alpine city of Campos do Jordão. it's kind of the easter bunny go to the cold mountains. but, this time, he is not alone - uh.

blame canada

october 06 2006

quick animation to celebrate the departure of our friend Gui, who went to canada for a videogame intensive ninja training. the idea was recycled from the Pretas job, inspired by the South Park Canada thing and the almighty Laibach Kittens.

silentcry - suffocated in darkness

may 05 2005

a video clip for the doom-metal band from Valadares, MG, directed by my friend Marcelo Garcia. footage shoot at Casa das Rosas and Blackmore Bar, in São Paulo.

pretas por ter

march 03 2005

visual identity and campaign for the comedy Pretas Por Ter. before the wardrobe of the play was defined, I created an animated puppet version of the two black maids. the actors liked it so much that they used these dolls as reference for the characters. I also created several TV Spots for their north and west tour.

krummen mauern - days

april 02 2004

video clip for the brazilian gothic rock band Krummen Mauern. I mixed excerpts from a live performance with cut scenes from the 1928 classic The Fall of the House of Usher, by Jean Epstein.

twilight gods

october 10 2003

the entire band performance at the Arc of Descent festival. multi camera edition done in premiere, with opening and ending credits, plus a mask animation with the name of the songs. a hell of a work, for no cash. I'll never do it again. lol

telexpo 2002

march 06 2002

flash animation for the mobile telephony event telexpo 2002

gueri gueri

january 02 2002

flash animation for a promotional pocket pc event which I, honestly, don't quite remember. the rotoscopy was an insane experiment, due to our short deadline, but in the end it was a really enjoyable team work at LabOne