web works


june 20 2008

new website for ESEG - Escola Superior de Engenharia e Gestão - the university of the ETAPA educational group

speakaboos record your own

march 05 2009

flash interface and player for the "Record Your Own" feature of the site Speakaboos, where kids can create and listen to custom narration of nursery rhymes, fairytales and folk stories

maison criola

october 10 2006

flash website for the brazilian fashion boutique Maison Criola. large images and moving vector graphics.

château des rêves

october 10 2006

unpublished website for the brazilian netlabel

projeto luxuria

august 12 2006

luxuria is a fetish party based on dresscode. the way you dress defines if you can get in and how much you'll pay. I started the project together with Sher and Heitor Werneck, as the resident DJ. I also created the visual identity, flyers and the website. after a few editions I had to quit, and now Heitor keep the show running.


june 06 2006

the MilkyWay was a grid based content manager that would allow the publisher to compose page layouts in a tetris like arquitecture. I designed a brand new Space site to serve as a playground for the experience, but due to others internal demands and deadlines, we got no milk or butter at all.


february 06 2006

seurestaurante is a restaurant guide for são paulo and region. online since 1999, I just gave it a new brand an a fresh layout, without touching the database architecture.


january 06 2006

suareceita is a receipt community, the sister website for seurestaurante. I created the brand, layout, and the entire navigation architecture for the 2.0 version, still not published.

madamesher corsets

november 19 2005

website and photography for the brazilian corsetmaker Madame Sher. she happens to me my wife, by the way. the product catalog was build over a completely hacked wordpress instance.

mancebo cafe

may 05 2005

that was a very quick job. I took pictures of the place, and most of the bizarre goods that they have – it is a mix of bar and antiquary. we created a gallery of weirdness and I also placed some objects all over the site. in the next day, the site was done.

vivo torpedo info

february 05 2005

web panel for a premium SMS service from the carrier VIVO. that was a freelance for Cyclelogic, after I had left the company. ironically, one year before I was the project manager for this same service.


november 11 2003

educational website. students can take several tests online and keep in touch with the teachers


april 05 2003

prototype for a business website.

mundo vampyr

august 13 2002

Vampyr was an old community for blood suckers and enthusiasts. they went offline for a while – the sleep of dead – and on the event of their triumphant return, I contributed giving the site a new look.


august 08 2002

website for the voice-technology company Voxideas. later, they asked me to create also a logo and all the print material.

telefonica empresas

november 19 2001

design for a corporative intranet