the grotesque

november 24 2007image2
how hard it is to create something really unique? these days it's difficult than ever, and some people say it's impossible without recycling other people ideas. but even if you remix a lot of crap, chances are that you end with something already done.

it takes outstanding skills, cultural references, creativity, and maybe, luck, to create breathtaking art like the grotesque works of Kris Kuksi.

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art scary

a relevant browser test

november 22 2007image5

is my site rendered fine on IE? I just don't care.
but, hey! you know you're living in the future when you can test it on your portable videogame ^_^

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what is an insight?

november 18 2007image0

So, I have to find some subject to write about.
After all, that's a blog and they require you to write... things on it. That means I need an insight, but let me take a step back – what exactly is an insight?
The Wiktionary says...

Power of acute observation and deduction; penetration; discernment; perception

Cool. That seems correct and very appropriated, but let me add to this definition...

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welcome to the django

november 16 2007image3

I have a good experience tweaking WordPress, and I designed this site with it's plug-ins and limitations in mind. But when I was finished with the templates, David nicely offered his coding powers to build the site on Django - in fact he wasn't so nice arguing how much WordPress do suck.

Made with Django.

So, that is it. Instead of crap category hacks, I have a beautiful and clean custom admin for posts, works and stuff. I know I don't deserve it, but David, thanks a lot!


november 08 2007image1

Hi there. Glad you are here, but as you surely can figure out, this site is not ready yet. Please forgive the mess, I promise I'll try to populate it with content. In fact, I don't know which content, but I'm sure I'll think on something nice.

The last time I published a personal website was 3 or 4 years ago, and it had always been plain and simple work portfolios. I've never been found of Blogs. At first, I thought the idea of online journals really stupid. But time changes everything. I'm getting old. And probably stupid.