featured works

páscoa na montanha

march 03 2007

video introducing characters for an easter touristic program for the alpine city of Campos do Jordão. it's kind of the easter bunny go to the cold mountains. but, this time, he is not alone - uh.

fish happens

january 08 2007

my submission to vormator, a contest about limitations and creativity on graphic design. they challenge you to make a piece using only the given elements, what I found great - it's like LEGO on Illustrator. mine was created almost over the submissions deadline, but luckily I got chosen for the book.


january 01 2007

graphic design for the Immanitas CDs, released by Le Château des Rêves.
check the music section to see more detailed images

maison criola

october 10 2006

flash website for the brazilian fashion boutique Maison Criola. large images and moving vector graphics.

space produções 2007

november 11 2006

web portfolio for the agency SPACE, featuring an amazing navigation and flying thumbnails. flash coded by David Rios

blame canada

october 06 2006

quick animation to celebrate the departure of our friend Gui, who went to canada for a videogame intensive ninja training. the idea was recycled from the Pretas job, inspired by the South Park Canada thing and the almighty Laibach Kittens.

projeto luxuria

august 12 2006

luxuria is a fetish party based on dresscode. the way you dress defines if you can get in and how much you'll pay. I started the project together with Sher and Heitor Werneck, as the resident DJ. I also created the visual identity, flyers and the website. after a few editions I had to quit, and now Heitor keep the show running.

chateau des reves

february 21 2006

brazilian netlabel of electroni music - IDM and breakbeats. I create the logo, website and print material

omalley's hdr

august 10 2006

in my first experiment with HDR photography I shed some light into O'Malleys, a very dark Irish pub in São Paulo. pictures were taken without a tripod so I had to realign them by hand, what really suck.


january 06 2006

suareceita is a receipt community, the sister website for seurestaurante. I created the brand, layout, and the entire navigation architecture for the 2.0 version, still not published.

madamesher corsets

november 19 2005

website and photography for the brazilian corsetmaker Madame Sher. she happens to me my wife, by the way. the product catalog was build over a completely hacked wordpress instance.


august 08 2002

website for the voice-technology company Voxideas. later, they asked me to create also a logo and all the print material.